Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ronn Torossian – stressing on the importance of planning follow-ups to reach goals

You must have heard it on many occasions that people do not plan to fail, but actually, they fail to plan rightly. As a result of doing inappropriate planning, planners sometimes fail to reach the finishing line, which is the real failure. Sometimes individuals have amazing and useful ideas (whether for a marketing campaign, service or product). They plan, execute, get going but then just give up in the middle.

The reason behind failure can be poor planning or management, cash flow hurdles or anything else, but true failure comes from quitting. That is the reason, Ronn Torossian says that the power is not really in the idea, but it is actually in the follow-through which converts the idea into success.

Therefore, simply having a great idea is not enough. You need to know how the plan should be executed and how to reach from the point A to point B step by step.  Never start off without knowing the entire plan. Follow us on LinkedIn.

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