Monday, July 29, 2013

Ronn Torossian explains how to maintain blogger content!

The PR prodigy, Mr. Ronn Torossian gives an insight of how to go about running your blog successfully. Take a look at what he said:

It is difficult to come up regularly with new blog topics and interesting content every day. Especially for someone who has to make multiple postings on several sites consistently. A time will come when you will be left with no option but to conduct research to authenticate your points. If you are crafting a press release, you just cannot compromise on the accuracy factor.

Internet is bombarded with sea of information. In fact the informational crashes are so much that you do not know where to begin.

Mr. Torossian further suggested beginning with a nationally recognized and authoritative source of information. Try finding out information first from authentic and reliable news sources, instead of following editorials, blogs or opinion pages. Try avoiding these as your prime ‘go-to’ source for collecting initial information.... Read more info click here