Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ronn Torossian- The Charismatic PR Leader!

Mr. Ronn Torrosian is the owner and CEO of 5WPR, which is one of the top 25 best PR firms in the world. As the leader of a prime PR management firm, he has always been at the top of his game. He has excelled by far, in the work of a PR agent to many high profile clients including some of the largest brands companies and very famous celebrities and sports persons in the world.

Mr. Torrosian has led his company through the process of being a fresher to becoming one of the topmost PR firms in the world. It is due to his strategic planning and work action that has brought his company top the current position. This is what can be seen through the number of satisfied clients and critical acclaims that the firm has received over the years.

Mr. Torrosian was always involved in the PR business. In the year 1998, he started representing the then New York City council. It was since then that he brushed up his skills and went on to become one of the most sought after PR agents in the world.

The job of a PR firm is to create and maintain a good image of the client. Another main purpose is to determine the market position of the client, and work upon improving it eventually.  It works towards creating the brand image of the client, so that they are larger than life in from of the media as well as the common person. This is actually very important because in the entertainment business and in the cases of high profile companies, rumors do not take very long to spread. This projects a very negative image of the person or the company, and this is what a PR firm is supposed to nullify.

5WPR, the company of Mr. Torrosian, has able and skilled PR agents who handle these high profile cases, work towards helping them out of their ‘negative publicity’, and project that image in front of the people, which they want to. They have proved as a major help to the clients over the years and we hope the same continues in the time to come.

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