Monday, October 22, 2012

Ronn Torossian- The PR Guru!

Often referred to as the Bad Boy of PR world, Ronn Torossian is cited as a man whose energy cannot be limited. He has become one of the most noticeable names in PR world today, because of his unique approach towards work and attitude that most people would die to have.

Ronn was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1974. He was actively involved in political movements since his early age. While studying in SUNY Albany, he became the President of North American branch of Betar (an International Zionsit youth movement associated with Israel’s conservative Lukid party.

After entering the world of Public Relations in 1998, by working with Peter Vallone Sr. (Speaker of New York City Council at that time) during his trip to Israel, he founded his own PR firm named 5WPR in 2003. The company was a huge success and was ranked as the 24th largest PR firm by net fees in the US in 2010.

The energy he puts in his work is the reason that his firm handles some of biggest corporations (McDonalds and Coca Cola to name a few) as well as music celebrities including Lil’ Kim and Ice Cube.... For more information click here

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