Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ronn Torossian - Start small and then work things out for your website

Internet is already loaded with well established websites offering useful information about every imaginable resource or topic. So if you think as a freshmen in the web market, you can overtake IMDB or Huffington Post in one go, then that is not possible, no matter how big money you are ready to invest. Therefore, begin with a small focus then steadily expand as a pioneer into that field.

The CEO of public relation firm 5WPR, Ronn Torossian suggests that the key to get enough hits on your website is via beginning small and then slowly carving your way out towards expansion.

For instance, if your website is about car racing, then you can start by publishing local race news. Beginning on a small scale will give you enough scope to identify key and significant group of people rather than just jumping into the ocean of competitors. This will let you explore more areas with better understanding of your field.

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