Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ronn Torossian – biggest sensation in the PR world!

Media persons often refer to him as the Bad- Boy of the PR world, people call him a self-promoter and his clients call him Crisis Management Specialist. No matter what name you give, you cannot negate the fact that Ronn Torossian is a front-runner in the hoard of entrepreneurs in the PR world.

As a PR professional, Ronn believes that “all press is good press” a philosophy that has helped Ronn create wonders for his clients’ reputation management.

The accolades that Ronn has managed to achieve in his life include a semifinal berth as Entrepreneur of the Year in a survey carried out by Ernst Magazine.

Ronn was also placed in the reputed list of “40 under 40 lists” of both PR Week and Advertising age.

In 2003, Ronn Torossian started his own PR firm under the name 5WPR. The firm is associated with some big names in Hollywood including Li’L Kim and Ice Cube.

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